Argo Founder to participate in translation vendor selection webinar

How to Qualify and Choose a Medical Translations Agency. The webinar is hosted by the Medical Devices Group on LinkedIn. The group is the largest medical device community in the world and the industry’s only spam-free, curated forum for intelligent conversations with medical device thought leaders.

The webinar will be held at Noon (eastern time) on Wednesday November 2nd. There is no charge for the webinar and you can register here.

This webinar will be helpful for anyone tasked with managing the translation effort for their organization. Beginners and Advanced buyers of translation will benefit from this presentation.

Specifically you will learn:

• How to choose your translation vendor

• How to tackle software projects

• The best way to address regional considerations

• How to deal with the proper register of your translations

• How to improve your internal review process

• How translation memory works and why you need to know

When you register for the webinar, you will receive immediate access to a Sample RFP for translation services.