Argo completes key integration for process improvement

Argo Translation is proud to announce the completion of an integration of their internal systems with the Across Language Server. This integration will allow Argo to provide faster turnaround on complex projects.

Peter Argondizzo, Operations Manager for Argo Translation says, The tight integration of our production environment, accounting environment and now a file storage system in the clouds will provide for faster turnaround on complex quotations as well as laying the foundation for many future enhancements to our work flow. We have a road map of the next six improvements to the system which will continue to enhance the customer experience in terms of the translation process.

Argondizzo reports a drastic decrease in the time required for creating quotations for projects requiring multiple languages. We do a large number of quotations requiring 18 or more languages. The process of building the quotation can take 2 to 3 hours. Entering the data from the translation memory analysis is very time consuming and doesn’t really add any value to the process. By automating the administrative task of data entry from the¬†Translation Memory¬†analysis we can output the quotation in 10 minutes. This allows our project managers to focus on the more important details of the project analysis and saves both Argo Translation and our clients a great deal of time.

Future enhancements to the system will include automated messages to clients upon file completion. The message will contain a report listing three sets of key project information. The first set of data includes general project information like document numbers, PO number, project number, completion time and an indicator for tracking on time delivery. The second set of data pertains to financial information showing the gross cost, net cost and all deductions for translation memory savings. The data is also displayed in pie charts and bar charts. The last set of data is specifically related to compliance requirements. This data shows a code for each translator and editor by language. If the client hovers over the code a pop-up displays the linguists qualifications including education level, area of expertise and years of experience. This section also carries a legal certification of the translation.

Argondizzo adds, We have had this report for over a year now and it is automatically available to all clients via their customer portal. This recent round of enhancements will allow us to add 128-bit encrypted links to all project files. This allows for a secure project archival and delivery system for the client. They will have the ability to access their files at any time. The files will be stored in the clouds and linked to the clients project record. These additional enhancements should be ready by the end of the third quarter.

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