Argo adopts new cloud based file archive system

We have recently completed an extensive integration of our translation production and accounting platform with the cloud-based file archive solution,

This integration will allow us to collaborate and share key project information with our clients in real time and without the hassles of FTP file transfers. The integration helps us and our customers in five key areas:

File management
Sending and receiving files is incredibly easy with our new integration. You can manage your files intuitively because the files are organized in a familiar folder structure and you can even tag your projects to find them more quickly in the future.

Large files can be shared with no issues and the user interface even has a simple drag and drop function. Since we will be archiving all your projects to this secure folder you can access your original files or translated files any time day or night.

Mobile access
You can access the system from any PC or MAC and a host of mobile devices like iPhone, iPad or Android. This mobile access allows you to view documents, media and other file types on-the-go. You can share files and folders with anyone in a few taps.

Online workspaces
Our system provides you with a secure online workspace to manage your content online. Every new project provides a secure folder where we can collaborate with any of your colleagues in a central location. Invite people to view, edit and upload files.

Users can receive instant notifications on any changes or new comments to each project folder or file.

Better security
Our system adheres to the highest industry standards for security with SAS 70 type II certification. File transfers use 256-bit SSL encryption.

Your project and client folders are only open to the collaborators you specify. We can define access rights on each collaborator per your instructions.

Better and faster service
The entire system allows us to work on your projects faster.