7 Reasons Why You Should Store Your Translation Files on Box

Recently, I had a customer ask why we don’t deliver projects via email. At first, I was a bit taken aback, since the standard Argo workflow is to deliver files via Box.com. The more I thought about it, the more reasons I could think of why delivering files via a cloud storage program like Box was a necessary solution. Here are some reasons why file storage via Box is a best-in-class option.

1) File Size Limitations in Email

One limitation of delivering files via email is that there are often size limits. Most email size limits are somewhere in the neighborhood of 25MB. What makes Box a superior solution is that there are virtually no limits on file size. Some levels of Box allow for file sizes of up to 5GB (200x what can be sent via email).

This is especially important for more complex projects like InDesign and eLearning where large images and video files are utilized. Sending those via multiple emails would be a large hassle when Box can house the .zip for those types of projects quite easily.

2) Security 

Box has a lot of security measures in place that email is lacking. By housing documents in the cloud, their storage is more secure. Box complies with all of the proper data security regulations like SOC 1, 2, and 3, ISO 27001/27018, and HIPAA/HITECH.

3) Audit Trail

Another great feature of Box is that it allows an audit trail of all past projects. We keep every project a customer has ever completed stored on Box. They are segregated by year, so projects are housed in their yearly archive folder.

Further, Argo offers quarterly and annual reports that house hyperlinks to Box. That hyperlink has all relevant project files. This eliminates the need for a customer to ask where the files live. If they were sent via email, they could easily be lost or deleted. If they are stored in Box, they will always securely live in the same linked location.

4) Integrations

Box is very flexible in terms of its ability to be integrated with other applications. For example, Box can be integrated into an accounting system, a Translation Management System, etc. All of those are powerful tools for a translation agency. Argo utilizes Box integrations to send invoices and the RCP report for every project. Those files are automatically generated out of the accounting system and are uploaded to Box upon project completion.

5) Ease of use

By storing files on Box, they are never lost and are always just a click away. This is especially helpful if you need to share your project with coworkers internally. All you’d need to do is provide them with the link – the days of hunting down an email with the project files are behind us.

6) No account is needed

Accessing files via Box is very straightforward. There is no need (although it is recommended) to create an account to access your shared files. The permissions can be set so that anyone with the link can access and download the content.

7) Can be used for uploads as well

Submitting a project with large files can pose an issue for file delivery. Files might be too large to send to the translation provider for the project manager to quote. Argo can set up a workflow where you as the requestor can upload your files directly to Box to submit them for a quote. That eliminates the need to send any files via email.

All in all, using a file-sharing solution like Box has many benefits. It streamlines the file transfer process and makes translation projects more efficient. Ready to take your translation projects to the cloud? Contact us to get the process started.


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