4 Reasons Why Ad Agencies Should Partner With a Translation Agency

Advertising agencies today have the ability to reach markets and audiences around the world faster than ever. However, in order to communicate with those audiences and increase the likelihood of turning them into customers, it’s always best to translate material into local languages. That’s where professional translators come in.

Check out four ways that translation agencies can help to take your ad agency’s carefully crafted content global.

1) Front-end Considerations

There is tremendous benefit in involving a translation agency on the front-end of projects. Whether it is a print project, a website, or a digital project, the translation agency will have considerations on the front end that will benefit both the ad agency and the end customer. They can give advice and recommendations to make the translation process seamless, and most importantly, cost-effective. If the translation agency is brought in early in the process, they can advise on how to keep costs down and utilize the most effective workflow. If they are brought in more toward the back-end, there is a chance that the workflow will be more complicated.

2) Profit Center for Ad Agency

Another benefit of partnering with a translation agency is that you, as the ad agency, can white label their services. In addition to written translations, agencies can offer clients other services such as telephonic interpretation. As the ad agency, you can choose to provide our services at cost, or you can decide to mark up the services – that is entirely up to you. Another monetary benefit for you is that the translation agency can take on the brunt of the work, freeing up your team to take on other projects or tasks.

3) Website/CMS Connect Projects

As an ad agency, chances are, you deal with websites from time to time. At Argo Translation, our website workflows are state of the art. We can link our Translation Management System (TMS) directly into the Content Management System (CMS) of the customer. Through this connection, the customer can push pages/content for translation, just like using a shopping cart on an online retailer. In a matter of minutes, the content will be parsed onto our server and queued up for the team of translators. Gone are the days of having your development team cut and paste foreign languages into your website. Through CMS Connect, the process is streamlined, simplified, and cost-effective. Bringing in your translation provider at the front end of building a website can be extremely beneficial. They can give tips and pointers on some of the site architecture and background to ensure that the translation process is fully optimized.

4) Extension of your Company

When partnering with a translation agency, it is essential to remember that they are an extension of your company. Consider them to be your translation department. They want to provide exceptional customer service for both you and the end customer. Also, if the end customer is going to do a linguistic review of the content, the translation agency can manage that process, easing the burden on you and your colleagues. To that end, your translation agency can be as visible, or invisible as you’d like. If you’d like to have a hands-on approach with the client, the translation agency can work more in the background. A benefit of having the translation agency on the front line would be that they are the experts and can communicate certain things more clearly to the end customer. If they are on the front line, they can ease the communication burden, and be more efficient in communications. This arrangement is entirely up to you, but it is important to note that there is a benefit of having the translation agency be visible to the end customer.

All in all, there are many benefits to having an ad agency partner with a translation agency. If the ad agency involves the translation agency in the planning stages of projects, it will make the translation process painless and straightforward for all parties involved.

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