11.1.2017 by Peter Argondizzo

The 2018 ISO 9001 audit completed at Argo Translation

ISO and translation

Approximately 8 years ago, one of our translation clients requested that we obtain ISO 9001 registration. At first, we weren’t terribly excited about the task. But once we learned about the benefits of implementing a quality management system, we welcomed the opportunity.

I wrote this post after our first audit. Fast forward to this year and we now have our upgraded ISO 9001:2015 registration, ISO 17100:2015 registration and in January of 2018 we hope to receive the ISO 13485.

The benefit of these registrations is a solid system made up of policies, strategies and guidelines to help our team provide high quality translation to our clients. One of the important aspects of our quality management system is the idea of continual improvement.

Here is a list of the improvements we made this year:

  • New office space with more collaborative space
  • Various IT related upgrades
    • Move to laptops to allow people to collaborate
    • Upgraded phone system
    • Upgraded network cabling
    • Upgraded network switches
    • Upgraded WiFi
  • Codyt WordBee Workflow (automated assignment workflow) with monthly billing for projects with frequent/daily assignments
  • Added transaction details to each customer/transaction record for better financial decisions
  • Added Gusto for Payroll/HR management
  • Added Lattice for reviews and goal setting
  • Replaced DaPulse with Trello and its built-in Slack link (better employee engagement)
  • Optimized Proposal Generator with less options
  • Completed rebranding effort
  • Completed revamped website
  • Added an automated workflow to collect prospective translator information, including references (all data collected in shared google sheets)

Our quality management system also provides some key data for our team to review each year. Here are some highlights:

  • 20% increase in quoted projects this year, 87% of all quoted projects are approved
  • Request feedback on every single project; 100% of respondents said they were extremely satisfied with our work, 100% said they would use our services again, 97% said they would recommend our service to others
  • Handled 19% more projects this year while increasing our on-time delivery percentage by .05 percent to 99.2%, we completed projects early 51% of the time

Our investment in quality management systems has certainly helped our marketing efforts to customers in highly regulated industries, but the most important benefit is the increase in the quality of our translation and management approach of all activities here at Argo Translation.