Nathan Lorum


Nathan joined the team in 2021 to lead Argo’s digital marketing program. He is part creative, part analytical, and part architect. He graduated from MATC with an AS degree and certificate in programming, and later acquired a BA in Marketing from the University of Phoenix. He’s worked with $2M-$4.5B international financial and manufacturing companies championing customer experiences through digital marketing for over 20 years.

Nathan’s enthusiasm for how the internet could help connect with customers started when he was 17 and he pitched a new online car sales department including a proposal to redesign the website of the Pontiac dealership he worked for as a lot attendant. His excitement for what can be done digitally to connect to customers continues today. At Argo Nathan enjoys the same transparency, strong partnership, candidness, and attentiveness that Argo is known for with its customers.

In his spare time he enjoys nature, fly fishing, playing tennis, cooking international cuisine, remodeling projects, photo/videography, and spending time with his family.