Conducting your business around the world
starts with Argo Translation.

Superior Translation solutions that remove
the barrier of language.

We handle projects covering all formats and in almost every language and in support of almost every industry.

Our ISO 9001:2008 registered process yields high-quality translation. It all starts with a dedicated team of project managers that carefully analyze each project and find the most effective workflow and process for each project and client.

The translation team is carefully selected from our team of over 300 linguists. We carefully monitor the production of your translation from start to finish. We provide clients with various levels of custom reporting during the creation of your translation.

All of this energy is poured into the creation and curation of the translation memory. This valuable resource will provide for cost and time savings on future projects.

Project types covered:

  • Documents
    • Employee handbooks, employee newsletters, benefits related materials
    • MSDS
    • Instructions for use, Operator's Manuals, Quick Reference Guides and all forms of user documentation
    • Marketing materials – brochures, spec sheets, case studies, etc.
    • Catalogs and Parts lists
    • Medical records
    • Legal documents
  • Software (user interface, apps, etc.)
  • Help Systems
  • Web Translation (XML, HTML, etc.)
  • CMS Integrations
  • And many more…..if you don't see your project type, please contact us

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