Argo Translation helps you connect with parents and students regardless of their language skills.

Let us show you how we help educators all across the country bridge the language gap.

Our translation and telephonic interpretation services make it easy for you to work with your entire community regardless of their native language.

Our telephonic interpretation service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. You can access an interpreter in under 30 seconds. Most languages don't even require pre-scheduling. We feature a very flexible billing plan where you only pay for the minutes you use. No contracts or monthly minimums required!

Most schools translate similar materials every year. We commit all of your translation projects to a translation memory database so that updates to documents cost less and take less time. When we work with your updated documents only new or modified materials are translated. Any existing translation from previous projects is reused to save you valuable funds and time. We help maximize each and every dollar allotted to translation.

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Translation services typically used for:

  • Parent communication
  • School lunch programs
  • Busing information
  • Student handbooks
  • Websites
  • Permission forms
  • Weather related notices

Telephonic interpretation services typically used for:

  • Parent/teacher conferences
  • Disciplinary meetings
  • General meetings

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