Around the world, party-goers will chant these words just seconds before the clock strikes 12 a.m. on Jan. 1 under skies filled with fireworks. But there are many lesser-known New Year’s traditions, both old and new, that involve things like house cleaning, molten lead, and even…underwear?

What ever happened to all of the internal translation departments? I used to be part of an internal translation department at a medical device manufacturer before starting Argo Translation in 1995. It seems that over time the task of translation has been completely outsourced by most companies.

Every September 30th the world stops to celebrate International translation day. Well maybe not everybody stops….but maybe everybody should. Translation plays an incredibly important part of our modern society. Translators and interpreters eliminate the barrier of language every day.

What’s on your list for Valentine’s Day? In the U.S., it’s often a dozen red roses, a box of candy and a poetic card. Or maybe it’s dinner at an upscale restaurant and a gift of jewelry. While united by a common theme of love, people around the globe fulfill Cupid’s mission in a variety of ways that pay tribute to their unique cultural customs and traditions.

While Christmas is arguably the most well-known holiday in the United States, people around the country observe the season with a variety of celebrations, from Hanukkah to Kwanzaa to the Hindu Pancha Ganapati. Such diversity drives traditional winter festivities in countries around the globe, just waiting for travelers to explore.