"I have a tremendous amount of confidence in Argo's ability to get the job done on time. Even when dealing with last minute changes, your firm has once again proven itself to be responsive, customer oriented and thankfully, cool under fire."

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Director of Corporate Communications

A. O. Smith

"We have established a smooth flowing process with Argo Translation. I send a request and at the same time, Creative Services sends the English files of what I need translated. Argo always confirms the requests immediately and responds promptly and graciously to any other questions or concerns I have. The documents are translated and formatted – turnaround times have always met or exceeded our requests."


Quality Improvement Director

Aurora Health Care

"From the very start, Argo has provided exceptional results that meet our high-volume translation requirements. Their commitment to continuous improvement and customer service has been paramount in creating efficient project turn-around times that have resulted in a long-lasting partnership."

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Web Marketing Manager

Bucyrus International, Inc.

"When you become an integral part of the review process, it makes it easier for the company's and vendor's teams to collaborate.We are pleased to have Argo's expertise and advanced technology backing our translation efforts."

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Senior Technical Writer

Cardiac Science

"Our company services many bilingual families, and the importance of providing correct information can be life threatening. Argo has been flawless in their partnership with us, we now reach all of our patients. I would recommend Argo to any company, but especially those in the health care field."

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Director of Operations

Continuum Pediatric Nursing

"Argo Translation has always been at the forefront of technology in the translation industry. I have been able to rely on your expertise where the various applications, platforms and translation tools are concerned."

General Electric

"Your interpreter was so skilled at making the connections and bridging the language barrier that we parted with our guests feeling as though we had made some new friends. I would most definitely use your services again."


Director of Technology & Civic Innovation


"Project information and requirements were submitted from all over the globe. Argo was able to work as an extension of our efforts to verify this information throughout the world. Our process for delivering the findings was detailed and Argo followed it precisely."

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Director of Account Management

IBM and the Frantz Group

"I have found your greatest assets are: thoroughly understanding our business needs and meeting those expectations. Compared to other translation services, Argo provides top-quality translation and your response time is exceptional. It is your team's proactive "can do" positive approach that makes dealing with your firm a pleasure."


Marketing Manager

Northwestern Mutual

"We have gone through many translation cycles with Argo and they have been a pleasure to work with. They have gone above and beyond to deliver documentation on time and within budget."


Senior Technical Writer

Onset Corporation

"I've found Argo Translation to be very responsive and accommodating to our needs. Your translations are accurate, timely, and reasonable and your customer service is exceptional."

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Marketing Coordinator

SC Johnson Wax

"In some instances, 24-hour service is necessary in nine languages for our projects. Argo Translation has always met our deadlines without fail."


Director of Marketing


"Argo has managed our multiple deadlines, varying audience requirements, deliverables formats and demanding language needs with ease. The staff at Argo is professional, friendly, knowledgeable and accessible. What better way is there to get business done?"


Product Manager