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Founded in 1995 by Peter Argondizzo, Argo Translation prides itself on a culture created by employees who are innovative, technologically savvy and passionate about their work. Our team consists of senior-level professionals, with decades of experience in the translation industry, who provide our clients with quality translation services.

Argo Overview

Imagine your customers speaking 50 languages, conducting business every hour of every day within diverse cultures around the globe. Being heard is difficult, especially if being listened to is your goal. Argo Translation speaks directly to your customers, communicating your message in their language, keeping in mind issues unique to each marketplace the world over.

Argo Approach

Our core purpose is to create lifelong relationships and raving fans. Our top ten clients have been with us for more than two decades. Our approach is simple and is centered around four values. Never stop innovating, be responsive to client requests, always be passionate about your work and always look to reduce friction or complexity in projects.

A partial list of our clients: r clients: A.O. Smith, Aldi Foods, Aurora Health Care, Bucyrus, Cardiac Science, etcetera.

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Jackie Lucarelli


Jackie began working for Argo one year after it started operations. She graduated from Northwestern University with a Masters in Broadcast Journalism. The translation world was a whole new industry to her. However, she quickly learned that it was one of those silent, behind-the-scenes necessities that was very important for many industries. Jackie started as a sales representative and realized that just about every type of business needed translation or interpretation, whether they manufactured trucks, bath mats or chocolate. Either their product was going to sell overseas, or their employees were of a foreign-speaking background and needed corporate documents translated. Over two decades later, Jackie is still with Argo and has seen the industry continue to change and grow. In that time, she got married and had a son. In her "free" time she likes to read and bike and just hang out with family.

Peter Argondizzo


Peter founded Argo Translation, originally based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1995. Prior to transferring his love of all things international and his savvy business expertise into Chicago's premier translation agency, he attended the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where he graduated with a major in Finance and Human Resource Management. After graduation he went on to become an Italian Translator and Project Manager for an International Medical Equipment Manufacturer and Major Airline.

Peter grew up in a home steeped in Italian tradition, a language for which he spoke and eventually became fluent. In his non-translation life, and when he's not busy overseeing company operations, Peter travels, goes for an energetic neighborhood run, coaches the local little league baseball team or just hangs out with his wife and son.

Uncomplicated, proficient and reliable — as he is at home he is at work — a real approachable person.

Kimberly Miller

Production Manager

Kimberly joined Argo in 2004. She had just completed a MA in Foreign Language and Literature with an emphasis in Translation Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Previously she received a BA in Spanish from the University of Iowa. She has always had a love for language and has studied in Spain, Argentina and Brazil. Before joining Argo she interned at a local nonprofit helping them with their translation and interpretation needs. During her translation studies at UWM she realized that she preferred the Project Management side of the industry so working at Argo was a perfect fit. She enjoys the variety and challenges of being a Project Manager as well as the supportive and fun atmosphere her coworkers create. Kimberly resides in Round Lake, IL and in her free time enjoys playing with her kids and spending time with family and friends. She also plays in a sand volleyball league, enjoys running and is a big Chicago Bears fan.

Mike VanNorman

Project Manager

Mike joined the team in 2014 after graduating from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a BA in Spanish. He also minored in Portuguese and completed U of I's Translation Studies Program. While living in Spain and attending the University of Barcelona for a year, Mike realized that he wanted to focus his studies on translation. He has done a lot of volunteer translation work for a non-profit organization in Spain, and, while he loves translating, he discovered that he loves managing translation projects even more. Mike says that his favorite part about working at Argo is the great office atmosphere. When he isn't at work, his favorite things to do include snowboarding and managing his fantasy sports teams.

Michelle Christensen

Quality Manager

Michelle has always been passionate about languages. While earning her undergraduate degree in French, she lived in Paris for three years and in Rome for a year. Upon returning to the United States, Michelle got her start in the translation industry on the client side of the business. She worked for several medical manufacturers as a translation project manager handling projects in 20+ languages. As a project manager on the client side, Michelle purchased translations from a number of translation service providers, and quickly learned the value of quality service from a translation vendor; Argo Translation being one of them. She always said, if she left the client side of the industry to work on the vendor side, she wanted to work at a place like Argo. Michelle ultimately left the client side of the industry and went on to earn a graduate degree in Linguistics from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. When the offer was made, she willingly moved to Chicago to join Argo Translation in 2005. Michelle says that one of the great things about working at Argo is the intimate and relaxed office culture. In her spare time, Michelle can be found on the social dance floor dancing anything from Argentine Tango to Zydeco, and everything in between.

Karie Mahler

Accounting Manager

Karie graduated from Lake Forest College with a BA in English and Economics. She grew up in Glenview, IL, and has worked in the benefits consulting industry for 20+ years doing plan accounting and audits of 401(K) plans. She has worked at Argo since 2004. In her free time she likes to read, bike and spend time with her husband and two kids. Her favorite part of working at Argo is the nice group of people she gets to work with.

Patrick Daley

Project Manager

Patrick joined the Argo team in 2016 after graduating from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with a BA in Spanish. He also received a Business minor and completed the Certificate program for Translation Studies. Patrick also had the opportunity to study abroad in Granada, Spain for the Spring semester of 2014 and has always enjoyed travelling. He also had the opportunity to work as a project manager in the Philadelphia area, which helped him to learn the intricacies of the translation industry. Patrick's favorite thing about working at Argo is the opportunity to work with a diverse group of people, both inside and outside the company. In his spare time, he enjoys watching and playing sports, especially football, as well as travelling around the world.

Paul Kujawa

Business Development Manager

Paul joined the Argo Team in 2016. Prior to joining Argo he worked on Wall Street where he traded stocks for 20 years. Paul attended the University of Iowa where he received a BS in Economics. He was also a member of the Hawkeye Football Team. After graduation he lived in Graz, Austria where he played American Football for the Graz Giants. When he is not at work he enjoys the outdoors, exercising, golfing, fishing and hunting. Paul loves the Argo culture and team-focused attitude and mentality.

Mark Walker


Mark has been a technology enthusiast his entire life, in his early teens he built a ball grabber with lego on top of a remote control car for his friend who had recently suffered a broken leg, this allowed the friend to still play with his dog, and gave valuable insight to the power of simple systems having profound impact on those around him. Fast forward 20 plus years, degrees in Robotics and Software Engineering, and a Masters in Marketing those systems get a little more complex, but that same desire to build tools to bring a smile others is still as strong as it was all those years ago.

Mark has worked with Argo since 2007, coming from an IT Security and Managed Services background, with more than 10 years experience in integrating cloud technologies to improve process efficiency and ensuring rigid quality standards. His focus within our group is to ensure that Argo is always at the head of the curve of technology best-practice, and our clients are delighted with their translation and their overall experience. When Mark isn’t at the computer or on the phone, he can be found playing lego with his son, passing on the joy of creation without limits, and trying to not step on all those little pieces.

Susan Dawson O'Brien

Media Relations

Susan is a freelance editor, writer, desktop publisher and photographer who has worked for higher ed, non-profit and medical professionals for 27 years. She previously spent 26 years as a mass communication professor at community colleges and universities in Oklahoma, Missouri and Illinois, and as a copy editor for a suburban Chicago daily newspaper for 4 years. She earned her bachelor's degree in journalism from Kansas State University and her master's degree from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism.

Patrick Moseley

Project Manager

Patrick joined the team in 2016 after graduating from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with an MA in Translation and Interpreting. He received his undergraduate degree in Spanish and International Studies at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, during which time he spent a summer teaching English in Argentina. He became interested in translation while working with AmeriCorps at a bilingual school in Austin, Texas. He enjoys working as a project manager because he enjoys working with clients and translators and having contact with a wide array of languages. In his free time, he enjoys camping and listening to podcasts.